The Perks of Being a Hair Stylist at Boots

Every Hair Stylist’s career path is different, but there are plenty of perks available for those who work with the people and products at Boots.

Many aspiring Hair Stylists start out by creating prom hair or wedding hair styles, before graduating to fashion catwalks and photo shoots, but working in store can be a slightly different experience. Not only is this the perfect opportunity to try your hand at new and fashion-forward styling techniques on a daily basis, but you’re also required to demonstrate to customers how they can achieve a similar look at home.

Unlike those working in more traditional hair salons, Hair Stylists at Boots are encouraged to assist customers in stepping out of their comfort zone and provide a breakdown of the styling method which has been used to create a certain look. Trying something different with a customer can be a nerve-wracking experience, but nothing beats the feeling that you get when they love their new style and are eager to learn how they can recreate it themselves.

Having a confident knowledge of the products available and how they work is important for this role. Using cutting-edge brands such as Bumble and bumble or Ojon gives you the opportunity to really demonstrate your styling expertise and completely transform your customer’s look. Often, when you put together a style that your customer really loves, you’ll see them taking photographs in the mirror so that they can show their friends. It’s exciting to think how many people might see and admire a style that you have created.

Hair Stylist jobs at Boots are never dull. If you’re passionate about hair and always dreaming up new styles, then you’re sure to enjoy being able to indulge your creative side and practice styling techniques every day. Working in store also means that you have the opportunity to team up with the wide range of make-up counters at Boots and give your customers a complete makeover! Seeing customers leaving the store feeling fabulous is just one of the many perks that this role has to offer.

As a Hair Stylist, it is important to stay ahead of the trends when it comes to creating new looks. Whether you’re inspired by fashion magazines or the styles that you spot online via sites like Tumblr, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to grips with the latest looks.

More importantly, however, you need to be able to be to see what will work well with a customer’s individual hair type and overall style. Not all styles will work for all hair types and being able to identify what will look great on each customer requires real talent. Taking the time to perfect this skill can prove extremely valuable, as well as offering the perfect way to develop your career as a Hair Stylist.

Why Study Fashion Design Course in Mumbai?

Keeping in mind the demands of fashion designers who know not only the needs of the Indian Fashion industry but international trends too, the course is designed to meet the produce such candidates to industry. It develops skills in students to understand the requirements of today’s fashion industry and enables them to accomplish it. For you want to make your career in this industry, you need to have designing skills, knowledge of global fashion trend and creativity to experiment something new.

Fashion design course in Mumbai

There are many top institutes in Mumbai that provide quality knowledge to the candidates by providing them state-of-the-art faculties. Studying this course here is unique because of the facts that the applicants are given opportunities to do practical workshops with intellectual studies in design, culture, and technology. Generally, those who pursue the course in Mumbai-based colleges or schools turn to be able to create their own mini-collections.

Course descriptions

At some colleges the course is of to folds – one it is crafted to consolidate the design attributions and natural craft skills of students. It combines it with their required knowledge of design and thus sets to the challenges of the fashion design Industry.
The another that the course imbibes optimistic attitudes in students to experiments new design ideas, materials, and fabrics and garment marketing processes. The institutes’ objective is to motivate their candidates to generate an open-minded approach to a range of design solutions. They also let them be aware of ongoing development in technology related to fashion design.


No matter if you want to do degrees in fashion design or interior design course in Mumbai, you can get bachelors, masters, diploma, advanced diploma, or some other certifications in the fashion and interior designing course. The schools offer edge-cutting facilities to students so that they can achieve international-level knowledge in their course and be able to understand the fashion trends on the global ground and accordingly find jobs in the top organizations.

Career opportunities

After completing the course, you will be eligible to work in textile industries and export houses. There are many top exports companies that offer top positions to fashion designers. You can be able to hold the positions such as costume designer, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Designer, Fashion Forecaster, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Show Coordinator etc. Besides this pursing Fashion design course in Mumbai will also allow you to grab other posts they are – Fashion Stylist, Pattern Designer, Pattern Maker, Production Supervisor, Quality Controller, Fashion Coordinator, Personal Shopper and many others.

Some fasts about choosing a right institute

Though lots of schools are to offer fashion and interior designing course in Mumbai, but choosing the right one is a tough task. Hence, it is advisable to look at those that have been recognized under UGC-DEC and have collaboration with prestigious university. Go thorough the curriculum whether it is created by industry experts. Also, observe if there are highly qualified and well-trained staff in the school. You should not fail to observe that the school you have chosen provides internship to students or not. These are some of the significant facts that you should keep in mind while choosing a fashion design institute.

Exploring Your Chances of Landing a Career in Fashion

Do you often find yourself intrigued yet pleased by the sensationally beautiful covers of style magazines, or the jaw-dropping ensembles in fashion shows? Have you made a habit out of clicking those bookmarked fashion sites while sipping coffee early in the morning? Do you feel elated whenever you go shopping for clothing, accessories and other products that make you look and feel good? If fashion is your passion, why not get a job that allows you breathe and live it?

The way to the glamorous world of fashion is not always easy, not only for models who want to walk the ramp but also for those who work behind the scene. There are pieces of real life advice you can consider as you try and muster all courage, boldness and initiative to live your life’s passion and make good money out of it.

Keeping up with trends and staying up to date is pretty basic. There is simply no way for you to become a valuable part of the fashion industry if you are unable to even determine the essential knowledge your job requires. Read and be informed always. Look around, observe, critique and review. Attend every industry event you have access to. You can even make personal pages showcasing your style or chronicling your fashion observations.

You can’t set your eyes on something big without knowing where to look. Go for internship opportunities offered by top fashion companies around the globe. Draft the best r©sum© showing off your skills for the job and include your own fashion pages. Do you know that Rachel Zoe, Inc. employed someone because of his high fashion sense, which he unabashedly showcased in his personal blog? You have no idea where your initiative and creativity will lead you!

Settle for the low, for now. There is always some place for you to start in the fashion world, and it is not always on the glitzy side that you’ll be asked to become part of. Be willing to stay late for work, volunteer and always give it your best shot. Remember that this industry, with all the fascination and spectacle in it, is in fact all about hard work. As with most people who have climbed up the success ladder in their fashion-related job, your very own shining moment will come the least you expect it.

Ask questions, learn everything you can, and don’t stop. You can’t know it all, which is why there are experts to train and supervise you. Know by heart everything, and you’ll be surprised how it’ll all be helpful in building your own solid network of who’s-who. Your thirst for knowledge will also be invaluable as you pursue being a writer or journalist, a public relations officer, a designer, a visual stylist, or a sales and marketing professional in this industry.

If you are weighing your career options and leaning toward the fashionable side of things, check out Fashionplus. It is the ultimate online platform that features everything you need to know about fashion from all over the globe.

The Quintessential Fashion Photographer – A Profile

Fashion photography is preferred due to the numerous perks associated with the field. But there is much more than what meets the eye.

Fashion photographer jobs involve a fair amount of foreign traveling in locations which are suitable for photo shoots. The fashion photography career is one of the most glamorous professions. Also, the remuneration for fashion photographer professionals is quite excellent too.

The biggest perk for a fashion photographer is the chance to work with the finest models and celebrities who walk the ramp. Additionally, fashion photo-journalists are the most sought after professionals in the fashion industry. Fashion photographers are required to take model headshots and profile pictures for websites, fashion magazines, print ads, etc. Photo shoots are conceptualized for different brands and publicity for branded clothing, accessories, and apparels. Most photos make way to the journals and print advertisements.

Fashion photographers are also used for publicizing, marketing and advertising different types of products and services, depending on the budget of the client.

Some of the duties entailed within the profession:
Model photography according to client’s demands and specifications
Studio lighting setup for best results in model photography
Establish good working relationship with models
Use of props and back drafts for the perfect shoot setting
Produce creative concepts for photo shoots
Scour for perfect locations and set up of light conditions
Coordinate with stylists and art directors
Allow models to feel comfortable for the perfect photo shoot
Conceptualize excellent poses for multiple model headshots
Publicize the photo shoots for publishing them in fashion journals and magazines

Fashion photography careers do not require a degree and the skills can be acquired through apprenticeships. One needs to build an impressive portfolio of photo shoots for success. One also needs to showcase their photographic skills and technical know-how about the angles and lighting.

One can develop their skills by participating in internship programs. The competition is quite tight in the fashion market. Fashion photographers need to have a good eye and artistic ability along with a strong ability to capture pictures and editing them with photo editing applications.

Most clients who look for fashion photographers are in need of professionals who can translate their vision and concept through their pictures. A comprehensive understanding of the technical elements of photography including composition, sharpness and lighting is a must.

Nowadays there is tight competition between photographer professionals for good work. It is only some of them who will find work in exclusive agencies along with those who are highly-qualified and skilled at the same time.

Alternatively, there are huge chances to make it big as a freelance fashion photographer. There is also constant need of fashion photographers for making appealing websites although they would need a strong background in website design.

The typical top-level photographers are paid handsomely at around $50,000 per year. There are some who can earn $100,000 or more annually.

Indian Fashion Industry: Strengths and Opportunities

With the flowering Indian fashion & e-commerce industry growing at an industrious pace, the demand for It is also growing substantially. The organized retail sector has always seen a demand for designers with companies such as the Future Group and Reliance Retail recruiting for their respective in house brands however exporters have also starting recruiting heavily as competition from other countries such as China & Eastern Europe grows.
In addition to this, the emergence of Indian e-commerce has also seen a heavy demand in fashion related jobs. Companies such as Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart, etc require designers, stylists, merchandisers, trend forecasters, accessory designers, etc which does at the end of the day require a keen sense fashion and style. However, what lacks till date is the lack of quality designing courses and infrastructure to teach such courses. What the market demands as such are job oriented courses that follow international pedagogy so that students get the necessary exposure to meet the challenges of the ever changing job market.
What has also changed globally in the industry is the emergence of new materials, patterns, cuts, designs, colours, etc and our present institutions are not capable of managing such rapid change in the sector. The National Institute even though has been around for over twenty five years and has seen almost all of the country’s top designers as its alumni such as RituBeri, JJ Valaya, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and noted international names such as PrabalGurung and Manish Arora as well. However, neither them nor the private institutions have been able to play catch up with the catwalks of the west. Institutions need to be set up to bridge this gap between the west and the east and provide career oriented courses in fashion
The curriculum should be such that it provides students interchangeable academic and practical skills that enable them to meet the ever evolving needs of the industry. A strong emphasis should also be placed on practical presentation skills and garment manufacture using the latest in machinery as well as state of the art CAD/CAM technology for tasks such as pattern fashion designing and cutting.
With the flowering Indian fashion & e-commerce industry growing at an industrious pace, the demand for fashion designers is also growing substantially. The organized retail sector has always seen a demand for designers with companies such as the Future Group and Reliance Retail recruiting for their respective in house brands however exporters have also starting recruiting heavily as competition from other countries such as China & Eastern Europe grows.

Is There Any Scope As a Fashion Forecaster?

Going in for traditional careers as doctors, engineers or teachers has long been passe. We have come a long way since choosing so-called safe professions. In fact, anything conventional is rather sniggered at as boring and uninspiring by today’s happening generation. So, what is it that Gen Y are gung ho about? What they want is excitement, adventure and lots of action in their lives. The more, the better. If it is also what you are seeking, then foray into the world of fashion – lucrative, glamorous and exciting career options abound in field. All you need is creativity, style and originality to make a mark. And there is more to it than just being a fashion designer, a stylist or a model. While designers are busy wracking their brains for new ideas to incorporate into their creations, it is fashion forecasters who call the shot at predicting what consumers will want to wear next season or year.

It is they who, on behalf of designers and fashion merchandisers, anticipate the wants and needs of customers. They do this by being aware of the latest developments in the world of fashion, not only here but across the globe, and then predicting how these developments will affect the fashion scene back home. It goes without saying that the scope as a fashion forecaster is vast today, given all the crucial aspect s/he has to keep track of. Be it what colours, fabrics and styles must be presented on the runway at an upcoming fashion show or what the stores should stock for the next season to woo in prospective fashion-conscious clients – all of it is anticipated by none other than a fashion forecaster. In this capacity, s/he is a fashion designer and manufacturers best buddy.
The prediction is all encompassing in that it applies to not one, but all levels of the fashion – from haute couture to ready-to-wear, party wear to regular wear, mass market to street wear and so on. A forecaster has to be involved in a whole lot of research and analysis by-

1. Studying the lifestyle of consumers
2. Keeping an eye on changing market conditions
3. Zooming in on trends and design reports
4. Checking out fashion magazines, newspapers and websites, and
5. By having an eye for every detail.

They also attend fashion shows, watch Fashion TV, listen to the radio and chat with people to find out about their tastes in clothing and lifestyle that could effect changes in trends. This is crucial in order to understand the mentality of consumers and forecasting what might interest them later on in the upcoming season. This study is a must to plan wisely with respect to design, manufacturing and sales. Having documented all the research, the forecaster passes on the valuable information to designers, merchandisers and the other people involved in the fashion business so that they can ready products accordingly.

A Bachelors degree in fashion would find a fashion forecaster in good stead, though one can always pick up the tricks of the trade while on the job. However, a background in fashion is a big advantage as it prepares one for the job. As in any creative field, skills help one go a long way and those with a great aptitude can rise very high up the ladder. Fashion institutes across the country offer a bunch of courses. However, one of the best ones to go for is the course offered by premier fashion institute WLCI with campuses across the country. The programmes combine the best in conceptual knowledge with real world application and focus is on imparting job specific skills, knowledge and attitude to enhance productivity.

Suggestions to Turn into a Fashion Freelancing Stylist

Getting a work within the fashion business may seem attractive nevertheless it can be challenging at the same time, you might be confused with the kind of fashion freelancing career that you might want to have. Though the amount of freelance work that exist at this time you will for sure get the trend job you’ve always dreamt of, you just need to find the correct one which will match for your abilities.

If you are ready to venture within the fashion freelance job however you do not have the particular designer ability or perhaps layout building or perhaps stitching skills however desire to get hold of a fashion job that you would adore carrying out you might like to think about a freelance fashion stylist job. If you value fashion and you are directly into style such as clothes and accessories you will definitely appreciate carrying this out career.

Today your question may be could there be a large need for style hair stylist at this time? The reply is yes since there are several artists, versions and even wealthy individuals who are far too busy to plan for his or her every day clothes specifically in the course of special occasions and also parties. To become a fantastic fashion stylist you must have desire for trend because you will certainly dress individuals with this type of job.

You should know the newest trends in relation to clothes and accessories and also shoes, you do not want your clients to put on out-of-date clothing to functions, right? Fashion is very important with regard to celebs as well as celebrities because they are always in the actual lime light should they put on inappropriate clothing this can be a fashion disaster on their behalf and may even affect their image. Bear in mind image is very important to these folks.

If you have decided that this will be the freelance work that suits your skills and you’ll definitely adore, you need to begin to build your yourself. Develop a portfolio on the net or even a internet site where one can submit your styling creation via pictures, submit as numerous images that you can in order that organisations should be able to look at all of them and will know the way to get in touch with you. Find out about the fashion market and the variations; you will never realize this really is the start of your own fashion freelancing success.

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Who obtains tresses additions? Let’s consider locks extension cords, procedures, etcetera.? When on earth do you get hair extension cables? The area wouldn’t you get curly hair extensions? How come one get tresses plug-ins? And it could the top issue….Aches and pains ? he connected?An effective start line is fore warning you what hair extensions are only for. Locally which instantaneous results are seriously popular, the sweetness market has evolved and a lot of better the conventional technique of putting our or artificial locks for your personal head of hair and defining it as being mimic it matured in the unique mind.We are saying ‘ancient’ because those are already completing this task mainly because for many years, with hair pieces, hairpieces, patterns etc. A range of present-day methods are tailored from African-Us fashion stylist that place man made or fabricated locks into ingrown toenail lines for a, moving and natural search.May not be obtains tresses additions? Numerous superstars get wild hair plug-ins for assorted movie assignments. The star point ‘s what has catapulted the buzz of locks additions within the last creating. Possibly publication insures with prominent personalities possessing rather long, moving brilliant looking a long time wild hair, you start out to trust that you will receive equivalent seem. Just one occasion considered to be a booming model’s program, hair electrical cords have started far more very reasonably priced and easy for day-to-day individuals.The explanation to receive tresses extension cables should be to add time-span to your hairstyle, but they are useful to become thick your hair or just put best parts. Curly hair off shoot pro Rod Sickler, Web-sites Photographs by Rods &firm Corporation in Rantoul Il says, In .Please do not restrict yourself to just introducing length toward the wild hair. Frizzy hair extensions make available to you an uncomplicated strategy to okay hair and can squeeze in a little flair to wide, ugly or head of hair in just about every coloring or fashion.Half inchHalf inchAny hair type supports locks extsInch, affirms Sickler. Sickler makes locks plug-ins simple by producing decreasing-border hair styles for his consumers. Some examples come with streamlined and immediately frizzy hair, vivacious ringlets and striking color enhancements through unique underlined and lowlighted curly hair exts. He represents flowing hair ext process as very thoughtful and difficult simply because it calls for many hours along with other tips on how to full. The rewards are far reaching as they possibly re also-invent hair, adjustment tactics and fulfill his consumers’ desires.When on earth do you get tresses extensions? Any time you will certainly have hours available! Most hair ext hair experts will offer you a party leading up to your true scheduled appointment accomplish the locks additions connected. A person’s being or manufactured tresses typically essential to be pre-requested therefore it complements your own private tresses or meant shade you’re searching for. Within an appointment, the stylists will discuss your tresses physical fitness and health, the plug-ins will likely to be linked, feasible uncomfortable side effects and what you should require good care of them. For everybody who is encountering considerable balding, baldness or have incredibly destroyed locks, the hair dresser must advise that you do NOT get locks extensions until your complaint enhances.Wherever feasible get tresses additions? Simply because curly hair formatting company gets to be more even better popular, if youve been more fashion stylist which can be to training and schooling sessions in becoming professional in hair off shoot solutions. The stylist doesn’t necessarily essentially need be certified, but it can be crucial they own been properly trained and well-informed accurately in curly hair additions. Tresses extension cables are the same as little amount, monetarily and sentimentally. Whenever the hairsalon you ultimately choose lacks correct training, numerous things may be drastically wrong, including a good number of your pure locks to fall out in clumps or just being ruined. You should definitely be diligent in selecting a hair stylist. Seek advice from to view just beforePerfollowing shots, get recommendations, assess any issues have already been sent in using a stylist, etcetera. All locks additions have the prospect to wreck hair. The experience of the head of hair stylist will be the greatest look at amazing success.Eventually, number one issue, How are classified as the hair exts fastened? There are a variety of answers to place wild hair additions. These types of services and type of wild hair determined could be an understanding consider where did they are included. Our and man-made locks can often be linked follicle by strand or even in wefts. A strand of tresses are referred to as 30 roughly some hair. A weft can be a b- an important part of locks and that is essentially affixed in concert to the pinnacle. The weft is typical made or bonded towards the natural wild hair. Other imaginative techniques include mix, connecting, locs, clamps, employing line etc.You will learn benefits and drawbacks to every single strategy of locks extendable for sale. There’s huge charge difference between one solution plus the other. There is high level connection the a serious amounts of price. Most locks extensions are time-strenuous, allowing the significant area of the charges included. Additional key often is the standard with regards to a persons or man-made head of hair utilized. Quality tresses are pricey. Your hair companies are not managed so recognizing what or who provided quality tresses can be difficult. Exploration and education is a primary factor in a highly effective wild hair extension program.Upon having locks plug-ins, it is very important which you deal with them correctly. Certain techniques require the employment of special shampoos and hairstyling equipment. There may be recommendations through the stylist in going to the ground with sleep, cleaning, skating, shampooing and decorating your hair exts. Standard routine maintenance is in addition a critical crucial to save your tresses strong and looking out great. Extended wild hair takes perform. So make blueprints to put your amount of……. and unfortunately your funds!To consider more information on curly hair exts, pay a visit to Tresses Options at our site.

A Fashion Designer’s Job

A fashion designer thinks up combinations of line, proportion, color, and texture for intended garments. They may have no sewing or patternmaking skills whatsoever, and may only sketch or conceptualize garments. A seamstress is someone who sews seams, or in other words, a machine operator in a factory who may not have the skills to make garments from scratch or to fit them on a real body. A custom clothier makes custom garments one at a time, to order, to meet an individual customer’s needs and preferences. An alterations specialist (alterationist) adjusts the fit of completed garments, usually ready-to-wear, or restyles them.


Designers have the flair for creating with fabric and know how to use textiles effectively. However, Milan is seen as the fashion capital of Italy because many well-known designers are based there and it is the venue for the Italian designer collections. Most textile designers start out by applying for courses either in fashion design or textiles. A stylist is either a person who co-ordinates the clothes, jewelry, and accessories used in fashion photographs and catwalk shows or a kind of designer whose designs are based on existing things, trends, and designers collections.

Job competition is expected to be keen as many designers are attracted to the creativity and glamour associated with the occupation, while relatively few job openings arise. Footwear designers help create and produce different styles of shoes and boots. Accessory designers help create and produce items that add the finishing touches to an outfit, such as handbags, belts, scarves, hats, hosiery, and eyewear. Some designers conduct their own research, while others rely on trend reports published by fashion industry trade groups.

Textile manufacturers use these trend reports to begin designing fabrics and patterns while fashion designers begin to sketch preliminary designs. During this time, designers usually will narrow down their choices of which designs to offer for sale. While most designers initially sketch designs by hand, a growing number also translate these hand sketches to the computer. CAD allows designers to view designs of clothing on virtual models and in various colors and shapes, thus saving time by requiring fewer adjustments of prototypes and samples later.


Experienced designers may advance to chief designer, design department head, or other supervisory position. The best job opportunities will be in design firms that design mass market clothing sold in department stores and retail chain stores, such as apparel wholesale firms. Elizabeth Arden, wanting to be the first to bring Paris fashion to New York, persuaded Castillo to work in the haute couture department of her New York salon in 1945. US department stores produce their own less expensive private labels, which are heavily based on top designers.
Designers need to have visual imagination and the ability to think in three-dimension to translate into garments what they visualize. Designers must be good communicator and very clear with their ideas which is reflected in the presentation of fashion shows. Designers use the web in many functional mixtures. Designers who sell lower-priced versions of their own lines aren’t smart.

Fashion Online Degree the Best Way to a Really Thrilling and Very Challenging Fashion Occupation

In case a passion for style is something that’s held, an online college degree on this area could be the correct path. A fashion college student will be continuously focusing on their particular resumes with every piece they generate. Fashion isn’t about developing as well as be resourceful. There can be jobs within the world of fashion out there for the significantly less creative and business knowledgeable. For those interested in the company aspect, an online college degree in fashion retailing may well be more suitable.

A online masters degree in fashion design and development does not necessarily mean that you can skip out on the business enterprise programs, although. In the event that having a street fashion line, you should understand how to run a business. Apart from the business courses, college students will also discover ways to sketch clothing paintings, sewing, and the way to produce their particular designs for creating clothing. Furthermore, trend college students distinguish the difference in between several fabrics and ways to recognize them. Most of these courses are taught to simultaneously fashion design and style retailing students.

The job marketplace for fashion college students is not a simple wander about the runway. One must not only fit the image from the certain organization they want to work with actually, yet emotionally as well. Fashion isn’t meant for the weakened oriented or the weak willed. The style planet is extremely aggressive then one has to be really powerful and have thick skin to live. It’s important to not take each and every criticism someone within the fashion industry provides personally, particularly as a designer.

May somebody receive a good employment in the fashion world without having online college degree? Sure. However, to get a much more productive job within the trend business, a strong foundation of schooling within the fashion industry is essential. All students which major in fashion tend to be running their own business, specifically style stylists. In the event that companies are able to see a potential worker has an considerable and incredible continue, portfolio, and education in vogue celebrate a much better impact when compared to an individual who only has a few expertise on their own resume with no university or college training.

If perhaps fashion remains something which wants to become went after however staying in a class room doesn’t appear pleasing, it is possible to get yourself a fashion online degree and still have the actual credentials to obtain a work in the style business. Whether it is trend style or even fashion selling this is the major of preference, it is anticipated to know the ins and outs of the fashion business from the imaginative perspective to a businesslike as well as expert view.

To learn more about the fashion level and to look for a university or college that offers online college classes because of this key, kindly visit